QuatroPe is an effort to develop high-quality scientific software, by mentoring people and outreach and mentoring projects.

Many of the QuatroPe tools emerged as independent efforts of its members and were integrated into the organization in order to maintain and improve them.


Astroalign is a python module that will try to align two stellar astronomical images, especially when there is no WCS information available.

It does so by finding similar 3-point asterisms (triangles) in both images and deducing the affine transformation between them.

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Properimage is an implementation of the algorithms described in Zackay & Ofek 2017 papers, “How to coadd images” 1 2.

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Scikit-Criteria is a collection of Multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods integrated into scientific python stack. Is Open source and commercially usable.

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Carpyncho, is a catalog browser that we hope will be reutilized to search for and characterize time variable data of the ~PiB size VVV/VVVx survey. Is being developed for the detection and classification of periodic variables. For this purpose the stacked pawprint data from the VDFS CASU v >= 1.3 catalogs have been crossed matched with the VDFS CASU v1.3 tile catalogs into a Parquet files. The Carpyncho infrastructure https://carpyncho.gihub.io is being developed entirely in Python.

Also, a companion Python library is developed to access the same dataset as a Pandas DataFrame.

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