Bruno Sanchez

Bruno is an astrophysicist with extensive knowledge in programming and mentoring students. His main research topics include Cosmology, and Data Analysis in Time Domain Astronomy. He is currently employed by the Physics Department of Duke University in a postdoctoral position. He is member of the Dark Energy Science Collaboration that will probe into cosmology using data from the Legacy Survey of Space and Time.

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Martin Beroiz

Martin is an expert Python and C programmer with extensive skills in web development and the design of libraries and applications. He is currently employed by the California Institue of Technology (Caltech) in a research staff position. His interests include API Design, User Experience, Astronomy Software and Automation.

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Juan B Cabral

Juan is a full stack developer and software engineer with extensive Python, web and scientific programming experience. He is the co-founder of Scipy LatAm Community, has served as the Chair of PyCon Argentina 2012 –the Python Argentina flagship conference– and has been the Chair of SciPy LatAm 2015. He currently holds a researcher position at CONAE and IATE-OAC-CONICET, a national research institution in Argentina. His interests include Machine Learning, Astrophysics data analysis, Scientific Software Engineering, Decision theory and Experimental Economy.

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